About us

The main interest of CFC is to create a link with the customer in such a way that it never feels one more. All our customers are exclusive and unique, therefore they need; an operational, commercial and financial strategy adapted to their needs and shortages. Development personalized plan.

We analyze the real situation of the business; the team working in it, its competitive target, the current sales approach, its category, costs control, price fixing, the processes for improvement that have to carry out in a short, medium and long term, and the neuro-marketing strategies to be applied.

We believe in work well done and service vocation.

What distinguishes us

  • We create and apply personalized processes handbooks.
  • We train and motivate with service vocation your employees.
  • We dominate the suggestive sale.
  • We facilitate internal rules for coexistence and plurality.
  • We audit with knowledge of the business and its particularities.
  • We work anywhere in the world where we are required.
  • We are specialized in making your business grows with attitude and dedication