We are a firm that is dedicated to the consulting; for restaurant franchises, restaurants, collectivities and caterings. Our passion and main aim is our customers’ satisfaction.

We are not: power firms agents, Horeca brands commercials, real estate agents, insurance brokerages, ETT. So, our main interest is the good management and control of the business of our customers, without any other purpose


Advising and management experts for hotel and restaurant business. We offer a professional service in order that your business can reach in its sector the success and the reward to your attention and enthusiasm. We can assure the success of your business.


We offer you a complete management; negotiating from the purchases till the stocks; culinary offers, technical cards, sampling, balance of quality and costs… and having the control systems on management, costs and business development.


We will carry out a study on the real situation of the business by analyzing the model that the business needs, likewise an adjustment of the human team; training and motivation for the managers and intermediate charges, charts and personal growth training.